Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation (MIH) – An Overview

Z.Almuallem*1 andA.Busuttil-Naudi2

Recent data indicates that molar-incisor hypomineralisation (MIH) is a frequently – encountered dental condition worldwide. The condition could be associated with dental complications that might affect patients’ quality of life as well as create treatment challenges to dentists. The affected teeth are more prone to caries and post-eruptive enamel breakdown, therefore, it is believed that this condition might be responsible for a substantial proportion of childhood caries since the condition has high prevalence. MIH is common, and as such it should be diagnosed and managed in primary care wherever possible. Early diagnosis can lead to more effective and conservative management. This article aims to highlight different aspects related to MIH, from its prevalence to treatment options in young patients.

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