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Common Sense Orthodontics for Clear Aligner Treatment

About This Course

This course has been developed by leading South African orthodontist Dr Zieg Weber to bridge the gap between orthodontics and general dentistry in a clear ‘no-fluff’ format.

A special focus has been placed on clear aligner treatment as increasing numbers of general dentists have begun to take on orthodontic cases with clear aligners, and this trend only set to increase as time goes by.

In this course, Dr Zieg shares some of his most pertinent insights gained from treating over 16 000 full arch dentitions in his orthodontic practice.

The topics covered in this course include:

  • 1. The facts and fallacies of clear aligner treatment

  • 2. The do’s and don’ts for case selection and retention in clear aligner treatment

  • 3. The history of orthodontics

  • 4. Diagnostics and treatment planning in orthodontics

  • 5. The biomechanics of orthodontic tooth movement

  • 6. Temporo-mandibular joint issues: A different perspective

  • Bonus: Dr Zieg’s own fixed retention treatment protocol

Whether you are just starting with orthodontics in your practice, or consider yourself more experienced, this course will have something of value for you.

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Dr Zieg Weber

South Africa


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  • Accredited for: 12 Clinical CEU’s
  • Course Duration: 4h 22m 20s
  • Cost: £250

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