Inhalation Sedation Course

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This course on inhalation sedation covers how to deal with scared apprehensive people who don’t want to be at the dentist.

By the end of this course you will acquire the skills and knowledge which you can put into practice to allay the fears of this very susceptible group of people.

The following topics will be covered in this course:

1. Anxiety Control
2. Minimal Sedation Techniques
3. Conscious Sedation
4. Objectives of Procedural Sedation
5. Routes of Administration
6. Pharmacology of Drugs used in Sedation
7. Stages in Anaesthesia
8. Inhalation Sedation
9. Contra Indication to Nitrous Oxide Sedation
10. Advantages of N20 Sedation
11. Patient Assessment
12. Equipment
13. Technique
14. Termination
15. Summary
16. Complications